Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Right Hook to the Temple

Alright, so I've decided to start this goaltending blog. As you might have guessed (seeing as I was once worn by Hextall) I am a fan of the Flyers. Black and Orange colour scheme aside, my perspective is perfect for blogging on goalteding since every Flyers goalie since ol' Ronnie could have used a swift crack in the jaw. Talk about mediocre goalies on great teams. The Red Wings continued to win with that sort of system (Osgood, etc.), but it just never panned out for Bobby C and Eddie Snides. 

So yes I am a Flyer fan, and proud of it. That doesn't mean my opinions on goalies are skewed towards Philly (I have plenty of opinions on Bryzgalov just wait). 

The first order of business is going to be my off-season reports on all of the talent on each of the NHL team rosters: in terms of goaltending that is. I may mention other topics in passing, but I will be coming back to goaltending first and foremost. I'll be going through the teams in the order they finished the 2011-12 season. Which means (you guessed it!) we're starting with the Blue Jackets. Oh boy could Howson use a few hacks in the achilles. I'd put this guy in traction for how he's plowed the ship aground in Ohio.

First Five:

Sad day when Habs and Leafs are both in the bottom five. Proof positive that not only the Canadian dollar can ruin an NHL franchise. #TerribleManagement

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